DJ / PRODUCER / PROMOTER [RAW & Klub Sir3ne] / RADIO SHOW HOST [Radio Sir3ne @ Play.Fm]

Se.Vero Se.Vero started spinning records as a child in 1982 with the magical all-style records collection of his father, as a Dj with two decks in 2000. Intermediately he played the piano for more than 10 years, flutes, drums & percussion next to bonfires, playing until his hands were bleeding, and still going on…, dancing his ass off all night long at partys and raves, and also singing as a tenor in a classical choir.While spinning Nu Jazz, Downbeat, Funky HipHop, Dub and percussive House music for a while at private parties, Se.Vero fell in love with the heavy, fast breaks of Jungle / DnB.

2003-2005 he co-organized a first successfull event series called “Bassisound” in Vienna, renowned guests like Aphrodite, Mickey Finn or Adam F played there.2006 Se.Vero started to organize the 2nd (DJ / Electronic) floor of the beneficial 3-days festival “BOCKMAS ” (visit :, compiling the lineup, and hosting the whole dj area there.In the same year he joined the crew of RESIDENT Magazine (visit: , the only print mag for DnB and heavy bass music in german language at that time, as well as spinning records at all the RESIDENT parties.

Then Se.Vero met Selecta Rak3te again in the end of 2008 (after spinning together in the past and accidently not seeing each other for years). Rak3te is the head promoter of “KLUB SIR3NE” (visit:, so there was no need for long considering that Se.Vero joined the crew with Dj Odd, Rak3te and Miss Sir3ne. 2009 – 2011 Klub Sir3ne hosted events at Fluc Wanne, Vienna with french live dub bands High Tone and Kaly Live Dub,german Jahtari Riddim Force and Waddada alongside MC Soom T, Mungos Hifi from Scotland, Bulldogs from Berlin / Germany, Roska from London, Falty DL from NYC, Pearson Sound aka. Ramadanman from Leeds, Maffi and Firehouse Sound from Copenhagen, MC Solo Banton from London and Joker (Hyperdub, Bristol / UK).

We also do a radio show @ PLAY.FM (visit: called RADIO SIR3NE (every 4th saturday of the month, 20:00-22:00 MEZ), + are currently doing a new Clubnight for Dubstep and Bass Music called “RAW” – monthly dubstep thursdays @ Fluc Wanne (visit: or together with Bedaranks + Koe.

Se.Vero is producing beats and his own tracks since late 2008, still increasing his production skillz daily by trial and error, and in a very autodidact way – and everthing’s work in progress.
But just listen. And check it out! Comments are very welcome.
also check Hans Forward for tracks by se.vero together with rak3te.


Se.Vero unsigned demo tracks (find more @

se.vero – down low (demo)

se.vero – dead battery (demo)

looting scene demo

notorious b.i.g. – hold ya head (se.vero rmx)

roska – i need love ft. anesha (se vero dubstep rmx)

Radio Sir3ne by Dj Se.Vero – Klub Sir3ne

Mixes by Dj Se.Vero – Klub Sir3ne