Beda Ranks

Born & grown in Linz, or as we call it: the “Steelcity”, BedaRanks startet DJing in 2005 founding the Reggae & Dancehall-Soundcrew NATTYLOOP HiFi with his long-time brother in crime KINETICAL MC. NattyLoop made themselves a name in the Austrian scene quickly and played around 100+ shows all over Austria until now as well as bookings in Germany, Czech Rep and Belgium. After moving to Vienna in 2007, Beda got heavily influenced by the local Dub- and Dubstep scene (bigup Dubster & Dubquake crew, Max Powa same way), since then he started specialising deeper in Dubstep and UK Bass. In 2010 he was invited by DJ Rak3te to join the KLUB SIR3NE family, kicking off the monthly thursday dubstep-regular “RAW”.

Funky Mix