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DEAR friends and guests of RAW Vienna

  After over three years of promoting a monthly event for original dubstep music and beyond at Fluc Wanne, we now made the decision to officially give RAW a break. With the fast, ongoing musical progression of bass music and the increasing wrong expectations evoked with the now almost hollow word “dubstep”, we got to

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SA, 24.08 = CONCRETE x RAW x CLUB PANDA @ Fluc Wanne

—-= SATURDAY, 24TH AUGUST =—- -= CONCRETE x RAW x CLUB PANDA =- ———–= fluc_wanne =———– viennas finest bass bastards come together for a very special bashment. you can not go wrong. all the low end rumble your body can take, multiplied by three. we’re testing the limits of bass, do-it-yourself style. —–= 3 crews

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